Prepare yourself for a nanny interview!

Prepare yourself for a nanny interview!

Many of our first interviews will be conducted via Skype, especially if the position is overseas or far from where you live. If a family wishes to interview you, you will probably receive an email first to s to set up a time. Please respond to the potential employer and confirm the time. You should make yourself available without any distractions or background noise at the time that is scheduled.

Do your homework first:

You should receive a basic job description so you know what the job expectation are.Try to get as much information on the position as possible before your interview. You should have a reasonable understanding about the job and requirements and the potential employer. It is also a good idea to bring a list of questions that you would like to ask the family as it shows that you have a genuine interest in the position and their family. Please contact the family if you have not received a basic description.


Following should be discussing during the interview:

Discuss what will be expected of you as a nanny. What additional duties are required?WORKING HOURS
Discuss the amount of hours you will be required to work per week, on which days, and how much flexibility is needed/granted. Talk about your wages etc..                       For live-in nannies usually a room or separate apartment is provided. You should discuss what the arrangement will be and ask if you can see pictures of the accommodation.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions in nanny interviews:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why did you become a nanny?
  • What do you like to do in your spare time?
  • What was your last job like?
  • What did you enjoy most about your last nanny job?
  • What did you dislike most about your last nanny job?
  • What do you think children like the best about you?
  • What sort of activities did you do with children in your care?
  • What do you consider the most challenging part of being a nanny?
  • Why do you think you are suited to this nanny job?
  • What is your view on discipline?
  • How would you handle a temper tantrum?
  • What would you do if my child was seriously hurt?
  • What would you do if my child has a fever?


Do not answer questions with a simple yes or no, the family are trying to get to know you so the important thing is to be honest in your answers. Avoid using the words “umm” and “ah”, speak clearly and use proper language. Most importantly always tell the truth, honesty is important when starting a relationship with a potential employer.


Prepare your own questions

Think about what’s important to you. What type of employer do you want to work for? Some questions you could ask might include:

  • How soon do you need a nanny?
  • Have you had a nanny before? How was the experience?
  • Tell me about your children?
  • Does this job require any additional duties or responsibilities besides child care?
  • What are your views on discipline?
  • Where are you located? Is it a small town or a large one?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Are you looking for a long term commitment?

Follow up with an email especially if you would like to work for the family

If you feel comfortable that you can do the job then follow up with an email and hope for the best 🙂



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