Gina T.

Female, Philippines, 33 years old
Gina T.
I am a 33 years old Female from Philippines.
I speak Tagalog English Ilocano

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Type of care
Driving License
Childcare experience
9 years
Detailed childcare experience
  • Newborn or Babies (0-12m)
  • Experienced with Toddlers (13-24m)
  • Experienced with Preschoolers (2-4y)
  • Experienced with School-Age Children (5-8y)
  • Experienced with Tweens (9-12y)

Dear future employer:

Greetings! To my future employer in Canada here from Hong Kong, good day.
I am Gina C. Tomi.I am 34 years old. I am single mother. I have one son who is 4years old.I grew up from a small town called Cauayan City,Isabela Philippines, currently working here in Hong Kong. I grew up as rice farming is the source of our income. I am the eldest of four siblings, composes of one boy and three girls but only four left because one passed away. We were raised by our parents with strict rules and have our own scheduled chores inside the house and we make sure to manage our time to be done on time when we were little. We were raised by our parents to be a God loving individuals that we can apply to our later years. My childhood years was a lot of fun ,interesting memories yet binded by having strict rule in all aspect which is my foundation on what I am as a person today. I believe that this is one way to be a good nanny/caregiver.This experience and the fact that I had four siblings to care and to cook have helped me develop exceptional child caring skills and ability to remain flexible with child routines.
I graduated from the degree, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resource Development and Management.
As a highly skilled and passionate domestic helper with almost 9 years of extensive experience in taking care of children of school ages, I am sure in my ability to benefit you and your children in the most effective way..
My understanding of the physical and emotional needs of children is widespread as most of the positions I have secured in the past have comprised to look after school age kids. I am competent at looking after school age kids and possess hands-on experience in handling problems and challenges associates with them. Moreover, I am well versed with the development milestones that toddlers are supposed to live up to and trained in providing activities that helps them meet those milestones. Though I had no experience on taking care of younger age of children but I am willing to try.
I have worked as a domestic helper in Lebanon for two years way back February 2002-2004. I worked with an arab family the had 2 children (5yrs old boy and 13yrs old girl).I work as a domestic helper here in Hong Kong for almost seven years with four distinct employers. I finished two years contract to a Chinese family,way back February 3,2007-February 3,2009.I served one couple and two children ages 9 years old and 19 years old. I also finished two years contract to a German family way back February 9,2009-February 9,2011. I served one couple and two children ages 9 and 18 years old. Third, was the American expatriate I only finished ten months for the reason that I went home to the Philippines to continue my studies and my employer paid my remaining 14 months contract. I went for good in the Philippines for five long years. Now,I am currently working with my Chinese employer as domestic helper for 2years this august 19,2018. I am serving one couple and one kid age seven years old boy. We were all in good terms with my previous employers and at present. We communicate openly with respect and they treat me as one of their family.
With this experienced I learned how to perform all kinds of house keeping tasks like cleaning the house, do marketing, ironing clothes, wash clothes properly by separating the colored one to the white one and those for the hand wash.I learned how to manage my time with a special focus on quality of work. Experience working with divers populations. I took care of the children when their mom are at work, I accompany them to wait for their school bus at the bus stop and picked them up in the afternoon,I cooked nutritious food for their breakfast and snacks, helped prepare their school bag, I play with them whenever there is time and helped in their homework. I also cook simple Chinese dishes like steam fish,stir fry vegetables with meat,fried rice,sweet and sour pork, soup etc. I also cook simple western food like lasagne,carbonara,baking banana cake,Caesar salad etc. I can easily follow recepies and instructions and I am willing to learn.
If I had given the opportunity to be hired I will do my very best to share my knowledge and skills that I’ve learned and I’m willing to learn more. I would be looking forward to hear from your good family soon. Thank you for giving me some spare of your time in reading my letter and I hope you will consider my application.



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