Female, Mexico, 26 years old
I am a 26 years old Female from Mexico.
I speak Spanish English 

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4 years
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  • Experienced with Preschoolers (2-4y)
  • Experienced with School-Age Children (5-8y)
  • Experienced with Tweens (9-12y)

My name is Jacqueline Alvidrez, I am 26 years old, in november 9th, I will turn 27, I am from Chihuahua City, Mexico. My family is composed by my parents and my 2 sibilings, my older sister and my younger brother.
I have a nice family. My mom used to be a teacher in a kindergarden, for 28 years, now she is retired. My dad has his own bussines. My sister is a psychologist and a misionary, she got married five years ago and she lives in Barcelona, Spain with my brother in law David. My brother is living with my parents and studying Mechatronic Engineer at the College.
I studied odontology, I started my college in January 2010 and finished at december 2015. I did my social service in a hospital called Penciones Civiles del Estado de Chihuahua, 6 months in the city of Juarez, Chihuahua and 6 months in the city of Chihuahua Chih, puting in practice all the knowledge acquired in the five years of career.
I practiced with all types of patients, kids to adults, also with patients transferred from emergency room, diabetics, high pressure, and special patients . With all the practice in the year of social service, I finished with great success, learning a lot from excellent doctors who were always available to help us to grow and support us in difficult moments.
About my other passion, working with children, I have worked with them since I was very young, I started in the events place taking care of children during the time in the pool or playground, making sure they were safe. I have also had my time with children in the nursery church, we were a team and we took care of them, we feed and play with them. In my practice as a dentist, I had the opportunity to share time, practice and experience with children. I had many children as patients and it is one of the best experiences as a dentist because you can see when a child is afraid and learns to trust on you or when a child is so secure and he is not afraid, instead he is curious about it.
In my work in the kindergarten, I taught English to kindergarten kids, I also helped with the groups when some teacher was out of the school, so I was in charge of the kids, kids lunch, playtime, etc. In the free time, we used to go out and play in the playground, we used to eat outside in the good and warm weather, in the cold weather we stayed in the playground inside.
At the end of the day, I helped to the other teacher to stay with the kids in the front waiting to parents come and pick them up. We taught the kids to clean their places, to put backpacks ready to go and all their stuff inside of it.
After I finished my social service, I worked as a general Dentist and then I took the decision of going as an Au pair to the United States to improve my English, meet people and save some money. My first year I did it in Wilmette, Illinois, I took care of three amazing kids. I really had a great experience with them, I did a lot of friends and I went to new places. My second year was in Ann Arbor, Michigan, here I took care of two amazing girls that I love so much and I am going to miss forever, my host mom is the best and she really made me felt as at home. They have a dog, Teddy the labradoodle, this dog was my best friend, he used to sleep with me and be with me almost the whole time. My boyfriend lives in Michigan too, that is why I searched for a family in Michigan in my second year, to be closer to him. I have been dating him since 2011, so we have plans for the future but for now we just support each other and waiting for the correct time. He works at the company Ford. He is the most amazing guy I have ever meet. I am so deeply in love.
I am a Christian girl, I do love go to church every Sunday and God is my priority in everything, I always pray.
I love animals, I ride horses at home and in Michigan I did it a couple times with a friend who used to work in a farm. I used to go and help her to clean the stables and at the end they let me ride a horse, so it was a good deal.
I love read, listen music, the beach, watch movies, drink a good coffe, etc.

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