Female, Costa Rica, 27 years old
I am a 27 years old Female from Costa Rica.
I speak Spanish English 

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Type of care
Driving License
Childcare experience
2.5 years
Elderly care experience
2 years
Detailed childcare experience
  • Newborn or Babies (0-12m)
  • Experienced with Toddlers (13-24m)
  • Experienced with Preschoolers (2-4y)
  • Experienced with School-Age Children (5-8y)
  • Experienced with Tweens (9-12y)
Experienced with individuals suffering from
  • ADHD
  • Alzheimer or Dementia
  • Autism
  • Down Syndrome
  • Other conditions

I am going to start talking about me, I am a simple woman, who likes the simple things, for me it is easy to find a balance in everything.
I’m a dreamer. I have been searching for new opportunities like this to work and live in a great Country as Canada. I always look for the way to make my goals and dreams comes true, this include take care of my family helping them to keep going on. For me it’s easy to adapt with people, new places and food. I have adventurous and brave spirit, even so I can be emotional sometimes. A good communication and good relationships are important for me. I am very active, I love making plans for little trips, playing exercises, walking outside, studying, and playing dance class or yoga. I studied physical therapy because I watched my sister received a few session when she was 8 years old after a coma for 25 days. Since that time I discovered the vocation in me to be a physical therapist.
My family is big, it is composed by my parents, 4 siblings, 11 nephews, my dog, my cat and the fishes.
My parents have been together for 41 years of marriage. I have two of my three older brothers married, one of them with two kids and the other with 7 kids, then my young sister with her two kids; just one brother and I don´t have kids. We are united, helping each other and spending time together.
We grew up in San Ramón, Alajuela; between rural and urban zone, in a catholic family, with good manners and good heart, We had a positive childhood with some life tests in the way but learning about it. As I said I have 11 children in the family, I have lived with some of them in periods of times like now in the house raising them, taking care of them, paying, without sleeping at night, changing diapers; this was my first experience with children and their care. I worked as a nanny since I was very young, one of my former experiences was with two sisters, we help them to study for the exams, making homework, clean the room, cooking and combing them with a lot of hair styles; I worked too with a little boy, providing early stimulation, changing diapers, making food and all about his care, I still go to play with him sometimes now.
Later in my career, I added to the caring all about early stimulation, recreation, lifesaving for example. Due to this knowledge and experiences, I’m able to react fast in emergency situations.
I have been working with kids, as physical therapist all the time, as independent professional services with a teen soccer team doing sports therapy, in injuries; then in any type of patients with pains or affectations, from some contracture to chronic problems, musculoskeletal, neural, and rehabilitation as such. As volunteer in special Olympics, I was trained to help with kids with Down syndrome, motor and cognitive delay making sports programs.
I worked in a school with disable children from cero months to seventeen years old, with autism, cerebral paralysis, down syndrome, Hemiparesis. We performed all kinds of exercises, stimulation and rehabilitation, working their cognitive and motor development. In the hospital in San Ramón with kids with different and all affections and disabilities, like cerebral paralysis; Elderly with hemiparesis; young adult and Elderly with hemiplegia and paraplegia; children from cero months to 2 years with Guillen barré, motor delay, ERB paralysis newborns. I provided treatments according to their need to help with their pain, early stimulation, applying therapeutic mobilizations, hold or cold compresses, electrotherapy, magneto therapy, exercises, and tempered water swirl tank.
I took care of my grandmother and grandfather during their life so that was my first experience with elderly; my grandma was an active woman, she barely needed help. I did massages for her when she felt back pain, I listen to her all the time because she use to talk too much about the past years, telling histories and pray, I use to pray with her. Then my grandfather, was an active man too, I cooked and washed for him. He suffered depression and he barely made conversations. He needed special attention because his left leg was amputated at knee level; so he needed help to remember that he had just one leg, and help to go the bathroom, take showers, sit on the chair or bed and go outside.
In a house for elderly people with different affections and disability as dementia or Alzheimer, with amputations, Elderly with cerebral paralysis too, and with motor problems, I applied manual therapy and different therapeutic techniques and help to go for respective meals and recreation things as table games and physical activity too. I also worked with a project in the community for recreation, handcrafts and sport to the elderly.
Now, I keep working as physical therapist performing pain neurological evaluations and given treatments according to their need and conditions. I know that I have the experience enough for be a professional caregiver, even so, I always learn of new people, there are all unique; so you need to learn how to deal in a new way all the time. I am a better person each time and each day I work.
I am going to be happy and so glad to be chosen for a great family in this huge opportunity of life.
Thank for reading, Regards Naza.

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