Female, Mexico, 29 years old
I am a 29 years old Female from Mexico.
I speak Spanish English 

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My name is Monserrat Maria Isabel Martinez Cornelio, I’m from a small town called Cunduacán in Tabasco México. I’m 29 years old, graduated in 2012 in biology degree. I love dance, sing, make handcrafts, play volleyball with my family and friends, explore the nature and the cities, take pictures and learn about different cultures and meet new and interesting people.

I took courses of cook in camp, first aid in general and first aid in camp, and a diplomat in tourist guide focusing in the routes of my state. I took courses of entrepreneur and started to build my own company of science divulgation that I needed to stop to go to USA as an Au pair.

We are six members in my family plus my new nephew. My mom Amanda is a house wife, my dad Ernesto is an Engineer, Lawyer, Soccer manager and a Writer Music Compositor. My sister Sheyla is a Business manager and a Singer. My sister Miros is a teacher in Tae Kwon Do and she is studying genomic science still and mom of Owen my little baby nephew and my brother Jaer is a Surgeon Dr.

My city is an amazing place where you can find five different ecosystems and natural resource. We separate my state in routes, the chocolate, the rivers, mountain ranges and swamps and beaches; where you can find beaches, mangroves and swamps where you can enjoy the nature and the water together while you are seeing the wild life like a crocodile resting in the river bank, colorful and beautiful birds, rivers where you can practice activities in the water such as kayaking, rafting, fishing, etc. So, we have many activities happening in my state like the chocolate, cheese and the cultural festivals. I really love my state because is such a cultural and natural place but at the same time is so humid and hot.

My experience with children have started when I was training TKD working and training the kids from 3 years until 11. Make them play, train and get some discipline.
When I finished my degree, I started in a project where I was teaching kids from 3 years old until teenagers of 17. Every day, I and my team travelled sometimes 2 or 3 hours far to set the workshop and bring the community or schools kinder garden, elementary, middle and high school to teach them about the topic that we brought to their community, could be Mayan mathematics, ecology, movil laboratory, astronomy, gastronomy making cheese or climate change. Because I really love see the faces of each kid get excited, scare, surprised and so happy to have something different in their school or community where they could learn too, it made me wanted to start this business called QBE Science Entertainment to teach the kids an easy and funny way to learn about arts and science in their parties, or vacations or holidays such summer and winter camps and events where we could start this type of business in my state. But I needed to stop it as I was moving to USA with the Au pair program that I had already paid.

My life as an Au pair stared since I was doing all the process to get to USA, planning the gifts for the family, my vocabulary and pronunciation so they could understand me better and the activities and meals that I would prepare with and for the kids. Then, when I arrived, I realized that being an Au pair is more than that. I was cooking, cleaning, teaching, experimenting new feelings, and being a part of a team with the parents to give their kids the best for their manners, minds, bodies, health and life.
A normal day with my host kids was get ready at 7:00 am coming to the kitchen to prepare their breakfast when the parents weren’t there and pack their lunches, bottles of water, get the kids ready, clean the kitchen and after make sure they have their beds, cloths, hair up, teeth brushed and backpacks ready was time to drop them off at the school. Depending of the time, that we had and the weather we could walk, ride bikes or drive to their school that was a couple blocks far. Then, I went back home to make sure their rooms were tidy and the table and kitchen clean, depending on the date do the kids laundry and change sheets. Go to the grocery and get the ingredients that I would use for the dinner and prepare the snacks. After the kids got done at school, I pick them up and if we had time, I brought the snacks with me and we stay for a little at the playground with their friends. Then, we go back home, make sure their finish their homework and then go to drop them to their activities, soccer, dance, music, or pick them up from playdates. Get dinner with me and their parents or just with me, take a shower, put pajamas and brush their teeth. Then, in their beds we spend 20 min reading then with ta little massage I’ll let them sleeping. I went to make sure the house will be comfortable and tidy until the parents came.

The kid’s life is not difficult as much as an adult but sometimes they need a break from their activities that can be to much for them. So every time that I could do something fun in their meals, or make them a little present sometimes they appreciate that and made our bonds of friendship stronger.

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