Yolanda M.

Yolanda M.
I am a 41 years old Female from Tagalog.
I speak Tagalog English 

Profile Details

Type of care
Driving License
Childcare experience
2 years
Elderly care experience
0 years
Detailed childcare experience
  • Newborn or Babies (0-12m)
  • Experienced with Toddlers (13-24m)
  • Experienced with Preschoolers (2-4y)
  • Experienced with School-Age Children (5-8y)
  • Experienced with Tweens (9-12y)

I was born and raised in a rural community and I come from a large family of 8 children. My parents are rice farmers hence at an early age we were exposed to doing farm-related tasks and household chores. Also since I am the eldest I took care of my younger siblings.

Before coming to Hong Kong I worked as an English teacher in the Philippines and my students were Koreans and Chinese. Some of them were children. Such experience helped me to be more creative, patient and flexible. In Hong Kong I took care of a newborn baby. Some of my tasks were to feed the baby, change his diapers, and put him to sleep and wake him up on schedule. And when the baby was around 3 months I started to read to him children’s story books. This experience taught me a lot of things on how to take care of a baby. For example, my employers taught me the technique on how to put a baby to sleep or how to prepare baby foods. Certainly it was a challenging but fulfilling experience.

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